Hyundai Translead is the only manufacturer to offer hot-dipped galvanizing of the complete chassis frame and components as an enhanced option to further protect against corrosion.


Four C-Channel reinforcements on interior and exterior main beams at the critical gooseneck transition area provides extra strength and durability

Ease of access & repair of 7-way harness and gladhands

All steel parts are shot-blasted and coated with zinc epoxy primer, before fabrication and after welding


■ High-strength alloy steel construction for extra strength and durability

■ 22.5” radial tires

■ LED lights

■ All steel parts are shot-blasted and coated with zinc epoxy primer, before fabrication and after welding

■ Sealed wiring harness with integral ground

■ Complies with AAR & NHTSA regulations and TTMA recommendations

■ 4-3/4” Gooseneck height


Overall Length 31’ 1-1/8”

Extended Length 40’ 3-3/8”

Overall Width 96”

King Pin Setting 24”

Capacity 20’ 52,910 lbs

Capacity 40’ 67,200 lbs

Tare Weight 7,600 lbs

GVWR 20’ 60,510 lbs

GVWR 40’ 74,800 lbs

Main Beam High tensile steel, hot rolled 12” x 19 lbs/ft H-beam

Extension Beam High tensile steel, hot rolled 8” x 18 lbs/ft H-beam

Lock Mechanism Spring loaded pins, protected inside extension frame

Gooseneck Fabricated “I” Beam with 5/8” top & 1/2” bottom flanges and 3/8” web, all GR50

CrossmembersFabricated channel with gussets integrated

Upper Coupler All high tensile steel construction with AAR Certified cruciform style king pin. All interior walls of closed sections coated for superior corrosion protection

Front Bolster 8”W x 10”H “U” channel GR80 with two locking pins

Center Bolster 8” x 6” A500 GR-C rectangular tube with two cantilever retractable twist locks

Rear Bolste8”W x 7-7/8”H “U” channel GR80 with two non-retractable twist locks

Landing Gear50,000 lbs capacity with heavy-duty low profile sand shoe (solid pin)

Rear Impact Guard4” horizontal step “U” channel designed and tested to conform to Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standards (FMVSS)

SuspensionHutchens overslung spring hangers with three leaf springs

Wheel & DrumsHeavy duty, 16-1/2” x 7” outboard mounted brake drums with 8-1/4” x 22-1/2” hub piloted disc wheels

Tires11R22.5 14 PLY (G)

Axles5” round, 22,500 lbs rating, 71 -1/2” track, 16-1/2” x 7” with non-asbestos brake lining

Brakes2S-1M ABS brake system. Complies with FMVSS 121

Lights & Wiring12 volt sealed system with molded connectors to fit sealed LED lamps

PaintAll steel parts shot-blasted, coated with a zinc epoxy primer and finished with urethane topcoat

MarkingsCustomer and conspicuity markings installed per latest Federal Safety Standards


20’/40’ Extendable Combo